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Lets find togetherBetter Work!

For whom?


...You have a large network of business contacts

and you know that particular people are looking for a job, recommend their application through our referral system!

If your candidate meets the employers requirements you will receive the designated bonus !


you are a Headhunter and you have specific candidates and the assignment is open to external referals

If this candidate meets the employers requirements, your contribution will be rewarded!

...or maybe you have friends with unique skills

, and the company you work for takes part in the employee referral program , coordinated by our portal, recommend your friend !

Your recommendation will be visible to your employer and it will certainly be properly rewarded!

...are you an employer?

Look at what we’ve prepared

For Employers

What’s this all about?

How "Bounty for Referrer" works?

  1. 1

    Companies inform what kind of specialists they’re looking for along with the Bounty for Referer they’ll pay for placement.

  2. 2

    You choose interesting projects and you can immediately start searching for candidates.

  3. 3

    Make sure, that the people you find, will apply using your reflink. That way we know, that you are recommending them.

  4. 4

    Company hires your candidate
    You get paid!

  5. 5


We find the most interesting and most challenging projects for you
You can finally focus only on candidates.

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